August 5, 2008

Small things make a big difference

After hosting a great number of events in the past month I thought I’d pass along a little food styling tip that I practice at work and at home. I call it “small things make a big difference,” which in essence is: Take a minute to GARNISH !!

I held a wedding shower for a girlfriend at my place and made a few things as well as the other bridesmaids brought items. One recipe I made was for carrot muffins. To make them just a little more special, I made them into mini muffins with a cream cheese and maple syrup frosting...but what really made them go from good to great was my garnish. I took finely sliced (julienned) carrots and crystalized them to place on top of each muffin. It probably took about 10 minutes ... using my julienne grater to slice the carrots, boiling the carrots in a simple syrup (half water/half sugar) and letting the carrots cool.... but it was definitely time well spent !

Another garnish tip that I use regularly at work and at home is spring onion curls. They are great to decorate a serving plate for many appetizers well as add flair to individual plated dishes like a stir fry or lettuce wrap.
Simply thinly slice long strips of spring onion (green onion, scallions) and place them in a bowl with ice cold water with a few ice cubes. Leave them for a few minutes and when you return the lovely long green strips will be beautifully curled.

So for your next gathering, add a little flair to your meal by taking a few extra minutes to garnish !
x Adele

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