August 28, 2008

Wedding Inspirations

The food styling at the wedding I attended last weekend was phenomenal so i thought I’d share some pictures and tips. The bride (my good friend from high school) is a big foodie and wanted everyone to have a taste of many foods on her wedding day. So we all had the privilege of having our own “tasting plates” or “small plates”.

I am a HUGE fan of the most current trend of ordering several small plates instead of the typical 3 course meal. Not only because its great fun to try out multiple dishes but you can be so creative in styling small plates. You can serve them in edible vessels like wonton spoons or parmesan cups. Or serve them in martini glasses, small ramekins, shot glasses or ice cream cone holders. Or in the case of this wedding - a few tasting items on each full size plate. There is almost no need to garnish they look so good on their own !!

Another clever trick the caterers used were cucumber ribbons to wrap around and contain the salad. To do this at home, simply use your vegetable peeler and peel the entire length of the cucumber. It also works with carrots and zucchini.

Lastly, to keep up the small plate theme of the menu the dessert plates were literally half a plate.  I honestly have never seen that before.

x Adele

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