October 27, 2008

Edible Parmesan Cups

Caesar salad is one of my most favourite things to eat. Not only does it have oodles of garlic, it has cheese & bacon and to top it off my dad has a killer recipe for homemade dressing ! So I love to serve it at dinner parties.
Friday night we had friends over for dinner and I didn’t want to overload them with multiple courses so I made mini parmesan cups to serve mini caesar salads.
First you grate fresh parmesan cheese on baking trays. The cheese is oily enough not to stick but if you’re worried use a non-stick mat. Spread the grated cheese in rounds on your tray. They wont spread much so don’t worry about having them close together.
Next bake it in the oven at 425F/220C until melted and golden - about 5 minutes.
Let cool for 30 sec - only long enough for the cheese to harden slightly. Using your fingers or a spatula lift each round and place it over a narrow glass or upside down muffin tin. Let cool completely.
Un-mold when cooled and hardened and use as a serving vessel for any salad, pasta, etc.

x Adele

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