January 19, 2009

mini food

This weekend was my boyfriend's birthday and he made the special request of having all his favourite food but in mini / bite sized versions. So I happily took on this challenge.

On the menu were mini hamburgers, mini hot dogs, mini grilled cheese sandwiches and to finish off the meal - mini apple pies. It was a huge hit and very easy to do.

I ordered the buns from a great local bakery (Silverstein's) and simply used a cookie cutter to punch out the appropriate sized patties. Topped them with cheese and bacon and let the guests top them however they liked. Here is also a link to a kit that helps you make "sliders" at home. http://www.uncrate.com/men/gear/grilling/slider-miniburger-tools/

The mini grilled cheeses were the easiest. I simply sliced small buns width-wise a few times to create small slices of bread. You could also simply cut regular bread into squares (The birthday boy requested that each piece still have the crusts intact as this was his favourite part!) Since I was doing a large volume, I buttered each slice on the outside and but a slice of cheddar on the inside and popped them in the oven at 450 for about 3-5 mins per side.

For the mini apple pies I bought those rinky dinky aluminum foil tins from the grocery store and cut pastry to fit inside, (actually the birthday boy did that step for me) then filled the shells with diced apples, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon and a tiny bit of butter. We then cut smaller circles for the top and I made small leaf shaped holes on tops - both for decoration and to let out steam, baked them for about 15mins at 350C and simply re-heated them when guests arrived.

Since this was a big hit I'm looking for suggestions of what else I should make mini ?

x Adele

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  1. Wayne from Toronto, ON19 January, 2009

    Sounds like a great idea if you are hosting a large crowd like one might find at a cocktail party!! I also like mini bagels and I have seen the mini glass bottles of coca-cola -everything tastes better in glass!

    Thanks for the great tips, your blog is fantastic (so is your website -do you do your own photography it's amazing!!)