June 10, 2009

Fire Roasted Orange Chocolate Cakes

This idea was given to me from 2 good friends when we were brainstorming an article I'm writing about gourmet camping food. Since I mainly boat on weekends I thought I'd attempt to take it to our mini bbq on the boat. The chocolate orange cakes were a hit this weekend if you want to add them to your camping for bbq repertoire here is how I made them...

Simply cut the top off an orange. Hollow it out (I prepared them in the morning so I drank the juice for breakfast). 

Then fill your orange 1/2 full with your favourite chocolate cake or cupcake mixture and place the orange top back on. I wrapped them in 2 layers of strong aluminum foil and placed them on the bbq on medium heat for about 20 minutes. If you are camping add an extra layer of foil then bury them in the coals for 20 minutes.

Voila ! Gourmet camping, boating or bbq food with little waste.

x Adele

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